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The cottages are located up on a hill which has a superb panoramic view of New Glasgow River and North Rustico Harbour.  You can sit for hours enjoying the beautiful sun rise over the ocean and the picturesque sun set over the New Glasgow River and rolling farm land. “The view is unmatched and simply breathtaking.”

Seawinds is fast becoming the best known and most desired place to stay. As one guest says “This is a little piece of paradise and hope to be back” – Helen and Fred from New Brunswick

Seawinds is a great place for just hanging out, relaxing and taking in the scenery. The land slopes down to the water which gives the cottages a bit of a bird’s eye view out over the river. A short stroll down the hill will take you to the waterfront; a quiet area to lay in a hammock with a book, watch the birds or take a kayak out for paddle.
The shoreline full of red sandstone rocks. Kids will love exploring the shore and skipping rocks. Although not considered a beach, the river is great for swimming as the water is slightly warmer than the ocean. The ocean is close and the river is tidal so the water is slightly salty.

The buffer zone of the waterfront has been planted with native PEI Shrubs to replicate more of the plants and trees that PEI used to be covered with many years ago. This is great for attracting wildlife like birds who like to eat the berries.

A little history of how Seawinds came to be: The property was just farmland back in 1995. Tourism was booming in PEI and with the construction of the Confederation Bridge under way things even looked more positive. The farmer decided to sell a few lots and year by year a new cottage was built to resemble what Seawinds looks like today. The cottages were laid out on the lots carefully so each cottage could take in the marvellous view and get to enjoy the waterfront.

The owners, Darren and Angela Perry, have owned the property since day one and feel the place is so special that they will always want to hold on to Seawinds. Although Darren and Angela both live in Toronto now, they come to PEI for about 2 months out of the year to enjoy the property. They run an eavestrough company in the GTA called North Shore Eavestroughing and you can find them at www.eavestrough.ca. They now have a son and enjoy introducing him to our Island, the friendly and polite islanders as well as the beautiful maritime nature all around.

“We are so happy to be able to share Seawinds with all who come to stay with us! We want you to feel relief and at home when you arrive just like we do. We try to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You will be in good hands with our full time manager to ensure your needs are looked after and the property is kept immaculate. We hope to see you at Seawinds.” Darren, Angela and Dawson.

Owners Darren and Angela Perry

Owners Darren and Angela Perry